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‘Sukuna Jar Incident’ Here’s What The Viral Disturbing Image Of Jujutsi Kaisen Means

TikTok is wild right now with its weird trends, and sometimes those trends freak people out. Manga fans are not happy with the latest trend because the images are too disturbing for them to take a look at.

‘Sukuna jar incident’ TikTok Trend Meaning

Now, when it comes to trends on social media, it is very important to include interesting hooks to make people curious about them. So, on TikTok, everyone started off with the hook saying, “Don’t search the Sukuna Jar Incident,” and obviously, people checked it out on Google.

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Upon searching for the picture, the images actually turned out to be Jujutsu Kaisen in a glass transparent see-through jar. But the thing that goes down here is, that the figure is surrounded with white fluid, which looks like bodily fluids.

Netizens were not happy with this view, and they almost threw up because of the distorted picture of their favorite cartoon character. It all started when the trend, “Things I Wanna Put In My Mouth,” came up, by @kur0angel.

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And that video had the image of the figure in the jar with some other desserts surrounded by her. That’s when the whole incident of getting grossed out by Jujutsu Kaisen’s figure started growing on the internet.

Also on March 16, 2024, a video was uploaded on TikTok which had the hook, ‘Someone help, I accidentally saw the Sukuna jar incident video,’ which also garnered more and more attention online. Through all of these tactics, the Sukuna jar is getting viral on the internet.

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People are checking it out and cannot stop being disgusted by the looks of it. TikTok trends are sometimes all about dances and songs; however, hooks like this also get famous online because of their curious lines and engage the audience naturally.

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