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“I Promise To Do Better” Korbin Albert Apologizes After Getting Called Out On Social Media For Anti-LGBTQ+ Post

Korbin Albert is involved in an internet ruckus currently. It is all because she has apparently liked a post that is homophobic, and all her fans from that arena are now borderline pissed at her and are causing trouble on social media.

Korbin Albert Gets Called Out On Social Media

So, Korbin is a well-known US Women’s National Team player; she plays as a midfielder and her team is Paris Saint-Germain. She has liked a post that is anti-LGBTQ+ community and is kind of hateful towards the whole community, and she has also shared the same on her profile.

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When the social media comments under her posts started hurling in, she also spoke up to state her part of the story. Megan Rapinoe, who is a retired US star, has also criticized her for the post. That’s when Korbin started apologizing for her actions online, and she was being thorough with it.

She posted,

“I truly believe that everyone should feel safe and respected everywhere and on all playing fields… I know my actions have not lived up to that, and I sincerely apologize. It’s an honor and a privilege to play this sport on the world stage, and I promise to do better.”

Rapinoe did not shy away when she spoke out about it. She stated that there are kids who end their lives because of the social hate they get because of their homosexual tendencies.

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When it comes to an influential person like Korbin herself, it perhaps became a little too controversial since she did not think of her whole community and posted something anti-community anyway.

Comments are rolling in where people are calling out Albert for her actions online.”

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