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Grazie Sophia Christie’s Essay On Marrying Older Man Goes Viral

Grazie Sophia Christie, who wrote the famous essay in New York magazine’s The Cut, received a lot of attention online. According to Sophie, women should marry older men who already have their careers and life in place.

Grazie Sophia Christie Viral Essay On Marrying Older

By doing so, women can stay on track with what they want to do and avoid clashes between their careers and relationships. According to her, this is a foolproof plan and even encouraged by feminists for women to have a healthy work-life balance.

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Even though some people loved her ideas and how she portrayed them, many did not. According to critics and readers online, if women did it, they would be bringing back age-old traditions of marrying older men.

Women can also lose their sense of respect and accountability. If this marriage goes through, it would be very unfair to both people involved, as according to readers, Sophia is only using marriage for financial stability between the two.

Even though some people agree that marrying older men might help women, even when it comes to social pressures and stability, some think it’s unfair and patriarchal to even think so.

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She also added,

“He’s my mentor, my lover, and, only in certain contexts, my friend. I’ll never forget it, how he showed me around our first place like he was introducing me to myself: This is the wine you’ll drink, where you’ll keep your clothes, we vacation here, this is the other language we’ll speak, you’ll learn it, and I did,” to add leverage to her point in the essay.

But on the good side, she also acknowledged the drawbacks of marrying older. She stated in her essay, “If he ever betrayed me and I had to move on, I would survive.” She also mentioned that as he pays the rent of the house, she can’t state her point and has to be the submissive one because he has all the financial power in his hands.”

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