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Streamer Ninja Reveals He Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer On His Foot

Ninja, who is a very popular streamer and YouTuber, has made a shocking reveal online which has left his fans spellbound. Ninja revealed that he had a mole on his foot for which he visited his dermatologist.

Even though the mole looked pretty harmless and just a tiny spot on his feet, it turned out to be something more than he expected. While he was consulting his doctor, it turned out the mole was cancer.

The doctors stated that it was a relief that they found it early and they’re hoping the mole is nothing too dangerous. He revealed this with his followers online and also urged others to get their skin checked out on a routine basis.

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“There was a mole on the bottom of my foot that they wanted to remove just to be careful. It came back as melanoma, but they are optimistic that we caught it in the early stages,” he revealed. He continued by stating that he had another consultation with the doctor after noticing another dark spot around the initial one.

They’re all hoping to remove it without any hassle and also to find no cancer cells around it when checked with a microscope.

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Ninja Reveals He Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer

He reveals how lucky he is to have found it at such an early stage. “I’m grateful to have hope in finding this early, but please take this as a PSA to get skin checkups,” he continued.

According to Mayo Clinic, the cells are called melanin, and they are caused by exposure to sunlight and UV rays. People should get themselves checked every once in a while, as these cells are sometimes unable to be spotted through the naked eye and can lead to dangerous outcomes.

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