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Kai Cenat Reacts To Jynxzi Not Mentioning Him In His Close Friends List

Kai Cenat recently caught everyone’s attention with his reaction to Jynxzi saying that Kai is not his close friend. Well, he explicitly did not say so, but while he was discussing his close friends with whom he streams or works, he did not name Kai.

Kai and Jynxzi are both very prominent figures when it comes to Twitch and their streams. They are widely watched among fans, and it’s not rare for either of them to hit the headlines because of some mess-ups or censorship reasons.

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Kai and Jynxzi have collaborated loads of times in the past. They have talked with their fans together, and sometimes even played games together, which was streamed online. The pair is widely known among fans and online users.

Kai Cenat Reacts To Jynxzi’s Comments On Stream

However, while Jyn was naming his close friends from the streaming community, he said,

“I wouldn’t even, like, really consider myself friends with any streamers besides, you know, CaseOh and Sketch or something.”

Kai was streaming while he was watching him live, and as soon as Jyn said so, Kai was quick to react. He was heartbroken because, according to him, he and Jyn talk daily, and he considers him to be a good friend.

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He was heartbroken and conflicted because of Jyn’s statement. He said,

“Yo? What the f**k! Wait! I talk to Jynxzi every day!… I thought we were friends, bro… I’ve been talking to Jynxzi every day.”

Many fans online were in a pool of laughing tears when they saw the whole situation and could not stop laughing because of Kai’s reaction to the fiasco. Some were a little empathetic to Kai because he genuinely seemed a bit upset and sad during this whole scene. What a sad day to be in Kai Cenat’s shoes.

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