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Adin Ross Aplogized To Andrew Tate Upon His Arrest On Live-Stream

Adin Ross recently streamed with the controversial Sigma male streamer Andrew Tate. This is their first collaborative stream in the year 2024 and his stream went a little too haywire than we expected it to be.

So, Adin was also a part of the mess when Tate was arrested in March 2024. Adin, in one of his earlier streams, mentioned and ratted out that Tate was planning to leave the USA. Tate was not allowed to leave Romania, but Adin spoke about his departure way earlier.

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Adin Ross Aplogized To Andrew Tate

Adin in his apology said,

“I wanna apologize publicly. I never really tried to make you go back to jail. That was a very very big mess up on my behalf and I’m sorry. You know I f*k with you. You in some way helped me change my life because now I’m lifting a strong weight and I’m not a drug addict anymore. I’ve been on my sh*t.”

As of yet, it is not confirmed whether the arrest is in any way connected to Adin’s statement.

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Tate is on his trial still and managed to have a Discord stream call with Adin.

Adin repeatedly apologizes to Tate because he thinks Adin is the reason he’s going back to jail.

Adin was also very thankful to Tate because he technically shaped his life for the better.

Adin mentioned that State is the reason he now lifts weights, left drugs, and is a better person. Tate did roast him by saying that he will relapse as he does, but Adin seems to be strong in his grief.

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Adin and Tate have been collaborating for a while now.

They started their digital journey in 2022 and have come together in real life to stream and share their daily lives.

The Duo is well-loved by their fans and viewers online.

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