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YouTuber Oscar Alejandro Arrested Over terrorism charges

Oscar Alejandro, a renowned YouTuber, has been arrested by the Venezuelan authorities. This incident occurred at Simón Bolívar International Airport on March 31, Sunday, near Caracas.

According to the statements given by the family, Oscar Alejandro was apprehended under the alleged “terrorism” accusations. However, no official statement has been issued by the Prosecutor’s Office, controlled by Nicolás Maduro’s regime, reported The Guardian.

The family statement read on social media, “Oscar Alejandro’s arrest is linked to accusations of terrorism.”

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Oscar is a popular Youtuber with approximately 1.89 million subscribers. He is popular for promoting Venezuelan culture on social media.

The public complaint against him concluded,

“Recognized for his work in promoting Venezuelan culture, he now faces this legal process. The family hopes that the judicial process, which will begin with a hearing on Monday, April 1, 2024, in the 2nd Court of Control of the Metropolitan Area, will clarify the details of the situation and ensure fair treatment in accordance with Oscar Alejandro’s legal rights.”

Oscar is detailed at the Venezuela headquarters at the Antiterrorism Division of the Scientific Investigation Corps. He was apprehended while getting prepared to travel to Canaima National Park in the State of Bolívar with his family.

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As per BBC News, this is an example of another case in which Venezuelan authorities used accusations of the term “terrorism” and apprehended opinion leaders, activists, and journalists. This incident happened during July 28, amid the presidential elections.

Oscar Alejandro’s Arrest

A seven-month-old video resurfaced on social media featuring Oscar Alejandro igniting an attack against a crucial building in Caracas.

Oscar Alejandro could be heard saying in the video, “If a bomb were thrown at that building, the entire national banking system would collapse.”

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Human rights defenders and journalists on social media defended that Oscar’s detention was unfounded and arbitrary.

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