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YourFellowArab Reportedly Abducted in Haiti

Famous streamer and YouTuber Adisson Pierre Maalouf, popularly known as Arab or YourFellowArab, has been allegedly kidnapped in Haiti. Instantly the news went viral, sparking concern over his well-being.

According to Sportskeeda, he went to Delmas 6 to interview Jimmy “Barbecue” Cerisier, a known member of the Haitian criminal organization “Lanmó 100 jou.”

However, things took a surprising turn when the criminal organization kidnapped him and his friend Sacra Sean. They are demanding $600,000 as ransom. As per news reports-

“According to them (Haiti24), Adisson was on his way back from Cape Haiti with his Haitian colleague, Sacra Sean. Adisson Pierre Maalouf went to Delmas 6 to conduct an interview with Jimmy Cerisier, aka “Barbecue.” However, “Lanmó 100 jou,” a member of the same criminal group as Barbecue seized the pair and is now demanding a ransom of $600,000 USD.”

YourFellowArab kidnapped in Haiti by criminals

Furthermore, fellow content creator Nico Sneako confirmed the news stating that Arab was kidnapped in Haiti for 15 days, asking his followers to pray for his well-being-

“Arab has been kidnapped in Haiti. He has been kidnapped for 15 days. YourFellowArab, a YouTuber and a good friend, a love speech member…. free Arab and pray for Arab. Arab has been kidnapped for 15 days. I just saw an article. Yeah, I know, a random announcement. A random announcement, I know.”

Lalem, a fellow creator, retweeted a video of YourFellowArab. It is claimed the video was shot before he was kidnapped stating-

“So we actually cannot leave to Port-au-Prince until the morning because it’s already 6 pm and if we leave right now, we’ll get there while it’s dark. It’s about a six-hour road trip. We’ll get there while it’s dark and that place is completely run by gangs, so you don’t want to be dealing with gangs.

You know, we have a safe passage, we’re already approved. All it takes is one stupid gang member holding an AK-47 for one thing to go wrong. So, we’re not taking that risk at night. We’re going to be leaving at three in the morning.”

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