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WATCH: Viral Video Of Courtney Clenney Stabbing Christian Takes The Internet By Storm

Something particularly horrific happened, and the record is on videotape currently. The video has resurfaced on the internet, and people are particularly not pleased about the situation or how it was done as well. So back in 2022, a murder case happened for which OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney was arrested for a 2nd-degree murder charge while she was in Hawaii.

Viral Video Of Courtney Clenney Stabbing Christian

Courtney Clenney stabbed her boyfriend at that time, Christian, in a room. The whole thing was caught on videotape, and now the video, which comes from the POV of the body camera footage of the police, has been released online.

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After the stabbing happened, police were quick to the scene, and they were trying to save Christian. Even though Clenney tried her best to get inside the room, she was stopped by them.

“I am covered in his blood because I was trying to save him. I need him — he was my other half,” she said in the video.

Courtney Clenney also states that by the stabbing, she was actually ‘saving’ their relationship. The whole event was a mess, and netizens were shocked.

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While the police were transferring Christian to the hospital after he went through the stabbing episode, he was declared dead once they reached because of the injuries that he sustained. It took a few months to reconstruct the case, but Clenney was later arrested for murder, and she’s been behind bars ever since.

This new video is now making rounds on the internet. Clenney is covered in smeared blood all over her body, and netizens are awestruck to see the event unfold like this. However, before viewers check out the video, a graphic warning should be issued to them.

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This footage shows blood and some gruesome scenes that might not be well-digested by people.

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