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Watch: Videos of ‘Joe Biden Kidnapped’ Posted By Donald Trump Goes Viral

As the 2024 US presidential election approaches, Donald Trump, the former President of the US, has made clear that he is a strong opponent.

The Republican nominee has announced that he will not show any shame by espousing violent imagery of his opponents in the election.

Donald Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Social, and posted a video on March 29, that gained widespread traction in the online arena.

The video showcases Trump-themed trucks in the cities of New York. One of the trucks featured in the videos contained an image of current President of the US, Joe Biden, reported The Telegraph.

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Joe Biden’s picture seemed like he was getting kidnapped and tied up in the back of a pickup truck.  The video was captioned as, “3/28/24 | LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK…”

Donald Trump’s Visit To New York Ahead of ‘Joe Biden Kidnapped’

Donald Trump visited New York to attend Jonathan Diller’s funeral. For those unaware, Jonathan Diller was the NYPD officer who was shot dead on March 25 in Far Rockway, Queens.

Trump during his visit addressed a bunch of police officers and their families. The Independent reported that Trump emphasized the country’s need for restoration of ‘law and order.’

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Trump’s address is regarded as the subject of concern which could ignite political violence. As per several analysis done by TimesNow, there has been a correlation between upsurged political violence in the US and Trump’s aggressive language.

Various political violence includes a range of incidents such as physical attacks, harassment and threats.

Former Presidents’ Visit to the Event

On the same day, along with former presidents, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Joe Biden also visited New York City to attend the funeral of Jonathan Diller. The president attended a “record-breaking fundraiser event at Radio City Music Hall.”

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The March 28 event raised $25 million for Biden’s campaign. Reportedly, the event was hosted by comedian and actor, Mindy Kaling.

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