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WATCH: HSTikkyTokky Crashes His McLaren 720s And Leave The Scene? Here’s Everything About The Accident

HSTikkyTokky and General G were apparently in a horrific car crash.

HSTikkyTokky, who is also known as Harrison Sullivan, is an infamous Twitch streamer.

He generally streams while driving his car or just chats with his followers.

HSTikkyTokky Crashes His McLaren 720s

This time around, he was streaming while with his fellow streamer, George Elliot.

They were in the car with Harrison driving it.

The car was allegedly the McLaren 720s.

General G posted a video of Sullivan driving the car on his TikTok while the whole thing was being streamed.

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Later, a post from the channel named Drama Alert buzzed with reports that the duo got into a massive accident.

The post had a clip of the same car they were in, and Elliot was seen to be sprawled on the side of the road, injured.

Some talks stated that Sullivan left the scene without Elliot right after the accident happened.

But later, Sullivan responded to the tweets saying that people shouldn’t believe what they see on the internet.

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He was right there after the accident and also shared a picture of Elliot who was lying down by his side.

Drama Alert also mentioned that the reason of the crash isn’t confirmed as of yet.

Netizens are, of course, worried, but some people are also conspiring that all of this happened just because he wanted to promote his new song, ‘Lose My Mind’.

However, currently, the situation is still under investigation.

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Comments like, “Left your man’s like this for promo”, “Marketing 100/10 ”, and “noway he crashed his lambo and hes tweeting on here” and swarming the internet currently.

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