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Unparalleled Nose Injury Suffered by Muay Thai Fighter Shayan Heydari

On Sunday, March 24, during a match, Shayan Heydari suffered a brutal nose injury while fighting his opponent, Por Tor Thor Petchrungruang. Photos and videos of his severed nose have gone viral on the internet. Netizens on social media are calling it the worst nose injury in combat sports history.

In the clip, the injury to the nose was so bad that he had to cover his face to avoid further damage while falling to his knees. According to Givemesport, the accident occurred during the fight’s second round. Shayan lost by TKO after dropping to his knees to protect his nose.

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Muay Thai fighter Shayan Heydari’s nose break has gone viral on the internet

Even the commentator can be heard saying,

“He just sent his nose… to another dimension, I must say!”

In case of a nose break, normal procedures suggest that Shayan Heydari might be out of the ring for at least 3 weeks before he could regain his full strength to fight, whether in training or during a match.

However, it should be noted that, given his condition, it might take a bit longer to fully recover from the injury.

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Talking about injuries, they are quite common in the field of sports. Muay Thai is an open-field fighting arena with its own set of rules but fewer prohibitions as compared to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Fighters in Muay Thai are considered to be some of the fittest fighters across the globe. Its training prepares the fighters to face the most intense conditions.

Muay Thai is more about a ‘mind-muscle’ relationship. It is all about knees, punches, kicks, and striking the opponent. So, it is important to pay more attention to developing strength and endurance while competing in Muay Thai.

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