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TikToker Winnie Parker’s Quest for Love: A GoFundMe Journey Amidst Online Backlash

Finding true love may sound easy, but these days it’s almost utopian to even think of having a stable partner.

With dating apps rising, people have lost the credibility to choose one person; some aren’t willing to sacrifice, and some are just happy dating their work.

TikToker Winnie Parker Gets Roasted Online

But when it comes to influencers and TikTokers, some creators project their perfect relationships online and curate content out of it too.

Winnie Parker is a TikToker who has gained attention online because of her GoFundMe page.

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She is a 30-year-old content creator who is also a single mom.

She thinks that a true lover is the only thing she is lacking in her life right now and she’s on a quest to fill the void for the same.

Winnie stated in her video that she has been having a tough time finding luck in love. According to her, the dating apps aren’t working out for her, and now she needs a matchmaker.

“I refuse to lose hope. I truly believe that investing in a matchmaker could be the key to finding my special someone, someone who will embrace both me and my little one with open arms,”

is what she stated on her GoFundMe page.

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But as we all know, matchmakers are kind of expensive.

So, she started a GoFundMe page where she wanted her followers to give her money so that she could afford it.

After that, she received a lot of backlash online because of asking people to give her $3000.

Winnie has already made $225, but after the backlash, she has made her TikTok account private and stated that she will gather the required money all by herself. But she has kept her GoFundMe online in case anybody wants to donate.

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