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TikTok Influencer Beasteater’s Face Burns Spark Concern Among Fans

Recently, content creator and TikTok influencer Stephanie Margarucci, known as Beasteater, shared several photos of herself displaying a severe allergic reaction. In the pictures, her skin appears damaged, resembling a harsh peeling reaction.

On Saturday, she posted a few videos on TikTok showing her chin, cheeks, and nose red with lacerations and burns.

In the clip, she wrote,

“Shoutout to the hospital I wouldn’t be here without medicine,” 

Beasteater face photo sent shockwaves on social media

Later, she revealed on her TikTok account that she suffered an allergic reaction after using a cosmetic product, saying,

“When you get a chemical burn all over your face and it turns into an infection that started to spread through your bloodstream and almost killed you,” 

In the clip, it looks like she has a bacterial infection along with a severe chemical burn. Beasteater stated that she used an expired product, which caused a severe burn and infection. To control it, she used a steamer, which made the infection spread in her bloodstream.

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It reached a point where she could have lost her life due to the infection.

Beasteater mentioned that she chose to go to urgent care instead of the ER.

She didn’t disclosed which skincare product caused her harm, but it had expired in 2020, and she chose to use it anyway.

Also, she tried other alternatives to control the spread of the infection, all of which failed.

Thankfully, she received treatment in time and is now on the road to recovery. She and her followers were shocked to see how harmful expired skincare can be.

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The famous influencer has built an impressive fan base on various social media platforms, specifically on TikTok, where she has around 20 million followers. Her recent post about facial burns went viral on the internet.

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