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Talissa Smalley OnlyFans Leak Reminds Us About The Importance Of Data Privacy

Talissa Smalley is a well-known social media influencer with a huge and noticeable fanbase on her social media profiles. Talissa is not only known for her spicy hot pics on social media but she is also famous because of her appearance in the show named, ‘Daughter Issues’. In which she resents her actual dad and they discuss some very relatable real-life dad and daughter issues.

Talissa Smalley OnlyFans Leak Creates Internet Controversy

The show became a fan favorite in no time. Talissa also has an OnlyFans account where she posts exclusively for her adult fans who like to see a little more for her than usual. OnlyFans is an adult platform where users can pay for a subscription to get access to spicy and hot pictures, which include intimate and explciiamges other creators they like.

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Back in the year 2020 when the world was locked down due to COVID-19, OnlyFans saw a rise in these users and creators. OnlyFans also has some very famous Hollywood rappers who have their accounts there as a creator, minting more money online from the fans. However, these platforms offer no privacy or end-to-end encrypted monitoring of the explicit images that get shared.

People online often tend to leak out or post explicit images online under a clickbait link just for more information and engagement on their profile. Users with more followers and engagement in their accounts on social media should be aware of scandals like this.

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These days due to AI, morphing videos and making out fake have also become huge issues due to the lack of internet privacy of the people. Thus users should be aware and educated about what to do if their content gets leaked out. Users should be mindful before posting anything that might backfire on them on their social media at all times.

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