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Rajat Dalal and Thugesh’s Online Battle Ignites a New Scandal

Rajat Dalal is back in the news again, this time due to another online feud with the youtuber and influencer Mahesh Keshwala, popularly known as Thugesh.

The conflict began when Thugesh posted a statement on his social media accusing Rajat of creating baseless controversy and using publicity to promote brands.

The moment it was posted, many drama channels started circulating the tweet, making it go viral.

Surprisingly, Thugesh uploaded a video on his YouTube channel roasting Rajat Dalal.

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Rajat Dalal and Thugesh’s fight sparks a controversy

The video did not sit well with Rajat Dalal’s fans.

It reached a point where fans started bullying Thugesh on the internet. Soon, Thugesh posted an Instagram story accusing Rajat of bullying influencers and deliberately starting fights.

Till now, both of them have remained silent.

Mahesh Keshwala, aka Thugesh, is a popular YouTuber and vlogger based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is mostly known for his roasting videos that revolve around Indian media, Bollywood, or, in some cases, social media influencers.

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Additionally, he has a vlogging channel where he often posts about his daily life and travels. In 2014, he first came into the limelight with his thug life compilations. He is credited with inventing the trend of thug life.

Initially, he worked as a model and wanted to pursue a career in acting. However, he found his passion on YouTube. Unfortunately, there was a time when his YouTube channel got demonetized.

He went into depression due to no other options left in his career. Soon, he decided to take matters into his own hands and started making facecam videos to get his channel monetized again.

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He even deleted some of his 120 videos. Over time, he started gaining followers and went on to achieve 2.45 million subscribers. He calls his fanbase ‘Thugsena’.

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