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OnlyFans Star Brianna Coppage Dismissed Within Days at New Position

Brianna Coppage, a 28-year-old teacher based in Missouri, was fired just a few days into her new job. Brianna is also an OnlyFans model and teaches while also working online.

She recently joined Compass Health as a community support specialist.

Brianna Coppage Gets Fired Days Into Ger New Job

However, when her OnlyFans account was exposed and became well-known at her workplace, she was fired.

The reason given by the company was that she violated their social media rules.

She told First Alert 4 that while applying for this job, she was honest about her past and her employment history.

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However, upon hiring her, they only did a digital background check on her and nothing more.

Back in 2023, she was an English teacher for the St. Clair School District.

According to Brianna, her salary was too low, around $42,000 a year, so to boost it up, she started OnlyFans with her husband.

But when the school found out, they put her on leave, and instead of opposing, she resigned anyway.

Brianna Coppage opened up about her current job firing and the last one in a video online.

“I don’t want to fight the school district. I’m just ready for peace,”

she stated, without making a fuss over the decision.

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She also stated that the new employer put her on leave and fired her after 5 days of her joining the company.

She shot a video to tell everything to her fans and also asked if they had a job recommendation for her while she was in her underwear.

Later, she opened up about her income from the adult platform, where she said as she was in the top 0.1% of models on OnlyFans, she has already earned more than a million through selling and posting erotic and sexual content on the platform.

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