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New collections of Kenzie Greaves well-known as kenzunhinged & kenziegreavess sex tape and nudes leaked online after Kenzie Greaves Quit Her FIFO Career To Join OnlyFans After Being Misled About The Money In The Mines And This Is Why She’ll Never Go Back. Kenzie Greaves left FIFO work this year when she realized she could earn a much higher salary at OnlyFans instead of toiling in the mines of Perth.

The New Zealand-born beauty, 24, who moved to Australia six months ago, also initially made adult content to offset the ‘ridiculous’ cost of living. But once she was raking in thousands more than she was making in the mines, Kenzie decided to jump ship to the X-rated platform full-time — and she hasn’t looked back.

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The pay for FIFO was so bad, everyone raves about how good it is, but it’s bad, and I was making so much more (on OnlyFans) even when I wasn’t doing it full time,” Kenzie told Daily Mail Australia this week . She added: It depends on what role you play and how long you’ve been there, but it’s not as much as people think. It’s very overly glamorous.

OnlyFans model Kenzie Greaves, 24, (pictured) left FIFO work behind this year when she realized she could earn thousands of dollars more than she could in Perth’s mines Kenzie revealed that she made “about $1,500 a week” working 90 hours while doing FIFO for a week, one week off. Now she averages a whopping $15,000 per week from OnlyFans subscriptions and content she films with other male and female creators.

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Despite her huge success, Kenzie said she never thought her OnlyFans account would become as big as it was when she first started. The New Zealand-born beauty turned to OnlyFans to offset the ‘ridiculous’ cost of living Six months ago, Kenzie was still filming content for OnlyFans when she moved to Perth to work in the mines.

She said she chose the FIFO industry so she could make money and meet new people while getting used to life in Australia. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse when she arrived on the scene for the first time and discovered that all her new co-workers and bosses already knew who she was. Here is all her newest tape WWW.NUDEBAYS.COM

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