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itscocostar OnlyFans Leak Raises Concerns About Digital Privacy

Coco, who is famously known as @itscocostar because of her Instagram handle is a well-known Instagram influencer. She has over 473k followers on her Instagram accounts and she posts daily. She often posts sexy and seductive pictures of her and she also goes for online collaborations with other fellow creators online.

itscocostar OnlyFans Leak

Coco is also very active on Tiktok where she primarily connects and keeps in touch with her fanbase. Coco is currently going viral on the internet because of a leak that happened. The content that she posted on her OnlyFans accounts has gone viral. The perpetrator behind this move is not known as of yet, we also don’t know how this happened.

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OnlyFans is not to be an adult platform, it is also known to be a form where loads of events happen daily, People use that platform to sell their intimate videos and pictures of them or while they doing something according to the requests of their subscribers who pay them.

Due to the lack of privacy laws happening on that platform, much content leaks out online, sometimes even private chats get leaked online causing defamation online. Currently ‘itscocostar OnlyFans leak’ is a widely searched phrase on social media and the internet, as people are trying to check out the juicy contents of the link.

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Social media users should use their instances as a heads-up before they post anything personal on their accounts. Due to the use of AI sometimes fake images and deep fake videos are also released online. Targeted are mostly the users with more followers and engagement. Coco has not release any official statement regarding this whole fiasco that is happening as of yet.

These things are illegal and can cause psychological damage to the people who are targeted. Hence social media users should keep a watch out for themselves!

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