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IShowSpeed Calls Out Coinbase For Logging Him Out Of His Account

IShowSpeed has called out Coinbase for restricting account access. Coinbase is a cryptocurrency platform where users can sell, buy, and trade various currencies, including Bitcoin.

Given the direct association with fiscal liquidity, the integrity of such a platform is paramount. Darren, the real name behind IShowSpeed, mentioned on March 28 that he had been logged out of his account.

IShowSpeed Calls Out Coinbase

When IShowSpeed tried to log in, the account blocked him out, which therefore led him to lose his money as he couldn’t access the funds he had there. Now he has been trying to contact the platform administrators for a while.

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He posted,

“All I did was try to change my 2 step and you guys said it failed and no[sic] locked my account. Please fix this… You guys blocked my account, now my money is sitting in there and I have no way of contacting you guys because you guys blocked my account and won’t let me sign in… So, how the f*ck am I going to get in contact with you guys if you locked my account and won’t let me sign in?”

However, due to his account being blocked, he is unable to figure out a way to get hold of the helpline or even raise a ticket.

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Darren seemed to be extremely frustrated over this fiasco. He even tagged the necessary accounts while he was calling them out on his social media posts.

Fans are rushing to his comments section to speak out about similar experiences they have faced with the platform.

As usual, some of the netizens are also turning this whole situation into a joke.

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