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Influencer Fofo Marquez Arrested For Beating Woman In Parking Lot, Video Goes Viral

Fofo Marquez, the famous Mexican influencer, who is also known as Rodolfo Alcaraz Marquez was apprehended on Thursday.

Fofo Marquez was taken into police custody for beating a woman up in a parking lot during a traffic altercation. This incident occurred in Naucalpan, Mexico.

The security cameras installed in the parking lot have recorded a video of the incident. The video featured Marquez beating a woman up brutally, which later went viral, reported TimesNow.

A bystander also recorded a video featuring the victim in which she could be spotted bruised and bloodied. The video caught the attention of the myriad of internet users.

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In the video, a bystander asked the victim, “Do you want us to take you to the hospital? I saw how he threw you, kicked you on the floor. He’s crazy.”

The victim continued to narrate the entire incident.

Influencer Fofo Marquez Arrested

The suspect, after beating up the victim, fled on Wednesday. When the videos of the incident got viral all over social media, the 26-year-old Influencer was arrested on Thursday.

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According to Marca, Mexican authorities in a post on X announced that the first hearing of the case was held on April 6, Saturday against Marquez.

The Daily Mail reported that multiple photos of the influencer surfaced on social media after his arrest. Amid those pictures, in mugshot he sounded utterly serious.

Fofo Marquez is famous for showcasing his lavish lifestyle. He was quite active on TikTok and Instagram, having millions of followers.

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Fofo Marquez’s content is focused primarily on his love for expensive vehicles, travel dairies, party life, and other high-profile incidents. Additionally, Marquez worked as a DJ.

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