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Images of Hamas Terrorists with Naked Body Of Murdered Shani Louk Wins Top Award

The entire internet is on fire as an image of Hamas terrorists with Shani Louk, a murdered hostage’s near-naked body, won a top award.

The photo has sparked a controversial and fresh debate in the online arena, reported TimesNow.

When the terror group’s surprise attack occurred on Israel, the woman, Shani Louk, was taken hostage. Following Israel’s offensive in the region, this incident resulted in a myriad of bloodshed in the Gaza Strip.

New York Post report stated that the sickening image got first prize in the “Team Picture Story of the Year” award category.

About the Award-winning Image of Shani Louk

In the picture, Shani Louk, the German-Israeli woman, is seen in a near-naked condition. Moreover, she is with Hamas gunmen touting guns and commemorating.

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The picture was one of the twenty images in the collection of images which helped the Associated Press in securing the first position in the award.

As per the NY post, the award ceremony was run by the “Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism.”

It is noteworthy to state that these awards are self-described as “the world’s oldest photojournalism competition.”

Aviva Klompas, the Former Head of Speechwriting at Israel’s mission to the UN announced that she sought punishment for the man who clicked the picture.

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She stated,

” The AP photographer who accompanied jihadi barbarians on their October 7 invasion of Israel has been awarded a prestigious photography prize.”

She added,

“He is being celebrated for taking this photo of murder-rapist-terrorists with the brutalized and contorted body of Shani Louk. Seems to me, he should be going to jail, not getting a prize.”

Mixed Reactions From Netizens

As per The Economic Times, the win received a huge backlash and widespread criticism on various social media platforms, and especially X, formerly Twitter.

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People expressed their shock, anger, grief and disappointment.

Many netizens even called it, “an outrageous desecration of Jewish life.”

About Shani Louk

Shani Louk was a 23-year-old lady who went missing on October 7 from a music festival. On that day, Hamas militants took many hostages from the music festival.

Shani Louk quickly became one of the faces of the Israel-Hamas war when pictures of her lifeless body went viral on the back of a pickup truck.

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