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Heelmike Receives Another Ban from Kick, Cited for ‘Underage Endangerment

Famous streamer Heelmike has once again been banned from Kick for ‘Underage endangerment,’ as reported by Sportskeeda. He revealed the news on his Twitter/X by sharing a screenshot showing the reason behind his sudden ban.

Famous steamer Heelmike is once again banned from Kick, this time for “Underage endangerment”. He revealed the news on his Twitter/X by sharing a screenshot showing the reason behind his sudden ban.

He further called out the streaming platform by showcasing a picture of the girl who appeared alongside him in the live stream, claiming that she was not underage but 24 years old. Till now, his post has garnered millions of views and impressions. The post says:


Kick Enforces Second Ban on Heelmike Due to ‘Underage Endangerment’ Concerns

Heelmike, whose real name is Michael, is a famous content creator and streamer who came to the Kick platform in January 2023. He also has a massive fan base on Twitch, another live-streaming platform. He is best known for his Fortnite streams, through which he earned around 7 million followers in a short period.

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With time, he gained the image of a controversial content creator. He often stirs the pot and creates controversy. Last year, he sparked a scandal in the media when he was suspended after taking part in sexual activities on camera.

This year, i.e., 2024, in January, he was banned from the streaming platform. In January this year, he and fellow streamer Jack Doherty were banned from Kick after a woman flashed her private parts on camera while they were interacting with random people on camera.

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Heelmike is a famous American content creator and live streamer who gained a controversial image due to his past scandal. Above all, most of his fans came from his Fortnite live streams. In a short period of time, he surely made a mark for himself on the internet.

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