Dani Senabre apologizes after making a tweet that compares Vinicius to a monkey jpg

Dani Senabre Issues Apology for Tweet Comparing Vinícius to a Monkey

A recent tweet by Dani Senabre, which compared footballer Vinicius to a monkey, has sparked controversy. The collaborator of ‘El Partidazo de COPE’ retweeted a viral post, which quickly became a topic of discussion on the internet.

Due to the nature of the tweet, it has attracted negative attention from netizens. Although Senabre apologized for the tweet, his explanation was deemed too late.

The controversy began when Vinicius, a Real Madrid footballer, became emotional during a press conference while discussing the racism and rude behavior he has experienced within the football community.

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Dani Senabre apologized after retweeting an insensitive post on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Dani Senabre, known for actively sharing his opinions on social media, spent the entire day retweeting posts and threads that criticized the footballer and were not in his favor.

Among the tweets, there was one where Vinicius was placed on one side and a monkey on the other.

Additionally, the monkey is depicted lying in a hammock while having a drink. It was captioned:

“When you have to promote your Netflix documentary; when you have to testify in front of the judge, but he catches you on vacation.” 

The post quickly went viral, targeting the journalist for his insensitivity. It did not take long for him to delete the tweet.

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Later, Dani Senabre apologized for his actions, stating:

I retweeted because I was lying down on the day of the trial. As soon as they made me see that the avatar was a monkey – no fucking idea – I undid the retweet immediately. But let’s not let that make you lose an opportunity to continue with your victim stories.

He further added:

“I apologize for my clumsiness, for my stupid look at that drawing, but I also say that what is happening is not normal.” 

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