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Clay ‘Dream’ Breaks Silence on the Allegations Surrounding Punz

Minecraft star Clay ‘Dream’ has recently publicly discussed his involvement in his friend and fellow content creator Luke ‘Punz.’ Back on March 10, Punz was accused by his ex-girlfriend, Andivmg, of emotional abuse and racism as well as ‘dubious consent.’

As the controversy began to dominate the media, on March 11, Punz released a 3,705-word statement on X where in one of the paragraphs he referred to a Dream SMP member as ‘Friend A,’ who had ‘flirtatious interactions’ with his ex-partner. He stated:

“In Andi’s Tumblr post from February 27th, 2024, she references herself and a friend of mine who ‘hit her up.’ My preface is that with Friend A, Andi had flirtatious interactions before, during, and after our romantic relationship. This is a much larger creator than myself and someone I was closely associated with at the time.”

Minecraft star Clay “Dream” talks about Punz controversy

Recently, on March 22, Dream addressed Punz’s post on the subreddit with the title- ”Friend A’ – Dream.’ He further added that he ‘doesn’t judge’ Punz for ‘any harsh words’ that he said regarding him. He made a comment saying:

‘”Friend A’ was a sh**ty friend. I regret how I acted in the situation Punz is talking about, and I never got a chance to talk to him privately about it at all. Some of the things he said were incorrect and just misunderstandings, others he was dead on with. I figured it was a mistake I made ages ago and something he moved on from, and he never brought it up. Clearly, I was wrong.”

The subreddit message further reads:

“Punz is my friend. I don’t judge him for any harsh words that he said about me, especially during an extremely emotional and stressful time. I don’t believe him for a second that he kept me at ‘arms distance’ or that we weren’t really friends, and think those were just words out of anger and fear and stress.

Punz is always very outspoken, so I always figured he would say something to me if he still had harsh feelings. I have a million ‘excuses’ for my actions, but at the end of the day I can just say I was learning and growing as a person, and at this time in my life had very little experience with girls other than toxicity & abuse. I don’t feel like elaborating more on my ‘explanation’ publicly, because this is obviously a private issue from years ago, and I’ve said my peace to him privately.”

I don’t think he should have said something publicly, and I think he regrets that now. If it was said at a different time, maybe people would’ve taken it more seriously and recognized that I did something wrong and should be criticized for it. The timing and wording was what made it into a joke, rather than the contents of what he was describing. He was valid for being upset, and doesn’t deserve to have his feelings dismissed. It was just bad timing.

I’m under no pressure for accountability, and no one expects me to say anything at all, and that’s why I decided I had to say something, because I genuinely feel like it’s the right thing to do. Punz IS my friend, and I hope that he sees that other than in this situation, I’ve treated him with nothing but love, care and respect, and that I’ve clearly even in our own private experiences grown massively as a friend and a person. I’ve never pressured him using my influence, and I think that some of what he said was massively overblown out of anger, but he was rightful in that anger, especially having past unresolved issues brought up to millions of people. I said it privately, but I’m sorry Punz. I love & appreciate you, and I love how our friendship has grown over the years. I hope my one mistake hasn’t overshadowed how I’ve treated and thought of you outside of it. I will make it up to you, just by treating you how you deserve, as I think I have been for a long time since.

That’s all.

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