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Steamer Amouranth Banned from Twitch for the 9th time

Twitch steamer Kaitlyn Siragusa popularly known as Amouranth has reportedly been banned from Twitch, a streaming platform. This would be the 9th time she got the suspension and might be her final straw. As of March 2024, she has around 6.3 million followers and stands in the top 30 most popular Twitch streamers.

During her interviews, she stated that initially, twitch reached out to her to start her own channel on their platform as a part of its 2015 content diversification push. Since then, she had a patchy relationship with the streaming platform mostly because of community guidelines.

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Twitch steamer Amouranth banned again

Recently, on March 30, she got her suspension, this would be 2nd suspension in 2024. Overall, this would be her 9th suspension. Speaking about the reason behind it, a notice can be seen attached to her channel citing  “a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service” as the reason behind her ban.

Twitch never actually comments on any individual account sanctions. Lately, Twitch revised their Community Guidelines that prohibit streamer and their content “that focuses on intimate body parts for a prolonged period of time.” Due to this, many steamers were temporarily banned from the platform.

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Seeing most of Amouranth’s content, it seems like it violates the guidelines. Amazon-owned platform’s latest guidelines went into full effect on 29 March. According to news reports, in one of her livestreams, she can be seen playing with her dog while wearing a bikini. It should be noted that it is not clear still that her 9th ban would be her final.

On March 28, Amouranth stated to her fans that the latest guidelines would be the “end of an era” and soon she will be joining OnlyFans.

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