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“Followed Me and Slapped My Head” Twitch Streamer BrandonTheGr8 Assaulted by Teens During LiveStream

A content creator and Twitch streamer named BrandonTheGr8 had a harrowing experience while playing Pokémon Go while roaming in New York City during a live stream when he encountered a group of teenagers wearing masks near a sidewalk.

Upon noticing him, they began shooting at him with BB guns and threatening him. BrandonTheGr8 reported that the group also slapped him and only ceased their assault when he entered a train station to seek police assistance.

BrandonTheGr8 provided the clarification during the subreddit LiveStreamFail stating-

“This took place last weekend in NYC. I was streaming Pokemon Go when a group of teens shot at me with BBs (you can hear it being shot in the clip). When I confronted them about it, you can hear one of them threaten to rob me. Two of them started following me with their scooters when the one in the darker jacket slaps me on the left side of my head from behind. They continue to threaten to attack me, this time with their scooter. I decided this wasn’t worth the risk and time to escalate, especially because I was next to a major transportation hub, so I got out of there as fast as I could. Not captured on this clip, but the kids continue to follow me right up until I enter the station to look for an officer. At the end of the day I was not physically harmed but goes to show there are risks and dangers to IRL streaming if you’re not careful.”

Though he was live on Twitch when this happened to him, later the streamer shared the video of the incident on his X account, which has drawn significant attention from netizens.

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His fans expressed concern for his well-being, dismayed by the rude behavior of the masked group of teenagers.

One of the users commented- “Im sorry this happened to you. Glad you’re ok”

Another wrote, “Glad you’re good, shit like that is why I cant be in the city for long periods. The amount of assault charges I’d get”

Brandon is relatively new to the streaming world, especially on Twitch, where he has around 2.2K followers. Besides Pokémon GO, he enjoys playing other games, including Call of Duty and Valorant.

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